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R. Henry & Associates Inc.

Why Chose Premium

In high volume foodservice operations with frequent deliveries and constant loading and off-loading of products, stability, strength and sanitary storage should never be compromised. Premium Series does precisely what it was designed to do – hold the heaviest products with the roughest handling, in any environment and it is the easiest to clean and adjust.

Why Chose Elements

Made from a revolutionary, extremely strong composite material with a smooth, easy to clean surface. Elements Series is stronger than common wire shelving. It's lighter in weight than Camshelving Premium Series and totally impervious to moisture, chemicals and liquids that can destroy shelving over time. Elements Series is designed for medium to heavy storage use in freezers, coolers, dry storage or warewashing areas. It easily supports the performance demands of a busy foodservice operation.

Why Chose Basics

Just because the budget is tight and storage needs are less rigorous, it doesn't mean that shelving performance and storage efficiencies should be compromised. Basics Series is made from the same high performing, strong composite material as Elements Series and has the same design features. It's lighter in weight and less in cost but still strong enough to handle light to medium storage demands.